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The TCL Mini LED is perfect for most purposes. It’s noteworthy for watching films since it shows profound blacks, and it has a respectable Mini LED nearby darkening element, however, it doesn’t further develop the image quality that much. It’s perfect for sitting in front of TV shows or sports since it has awesome pinnacle splendor and magnificent reflection dealing with, yet it has tight review points. Gamers ought to see the value in the VRR support, HDMI 2.1 data sources, and low info slack. Ultimately, it’s great for watching HDR content since it shows a wide variety range and gets sufficiently splendid to make features pop.

Cost and Delivery date

TCL’s TVs can contrast by market, particularly between UK/Europe and the models that show up in the US and Australia. This year we suspect that the European and UK forms of the C835 will be indistinguishable (the past Mini-LED had a vital contrast in the UK), while Australia got to meet the new reach first, with the Mini-LED territory formally accessible from 1 June 2022.

Picture clarity combined with the contrast

Valuing is still TBA outside Australia, where the evaluated 55C835 is recorded at about $1,380, the 65C835 changing over completely to around $2,065, and the 75C835 around $2,755.


The TCL 6-Series is moderately thin, estimating 2.8 creeps at the thickest point, yet reducing to only 1 inch thick around the external bezel. The plan is somewhat square-shaped, yet follows past TCL plans. It underlines the showcase quite well, with an edge-like bezel and body that is shrouded in what hopes to be brushed metal.

The rear of the set projects only a tad to house the different TV parts and speakers, however, it will in any case mount on a wall with next to no trouble utilizing a 300mm x 300mm VESA mount.

The top portion of the back frame has a smooth-looking lustrous completion, so if you wish to set the TV up in the center of the room rather than in a difficult spot, the rear of the set isn’t the standard boring you’ll get on most TVs.

The stand that accompanies the TV comprises two feet, which append at one or the flip side of the set. They append effectively, and the plan is pleasant in that the sections are effortlessly checked and just fit perfectly positioned, so there’s no unintentionally connecting the right foot on the left-hand side of the set as well as the other way around. New in 2020 is the expansion of linking the board in those feet, with cuts for power links and different strings, worked in.


The Google TV interface utilized here is based on Android 11 and will reassure numerous clients with the natural point of interaction and how it gets to most loved applications, get up to speed and membership administrations, as well as fundamental settings. TCL has additionally added its own ‘channel’, which is many live channels in addition to many on-request shows, areas of strength for eminently narrative.

The Google smarts additionally make the arrangement a simple interaction, getting the TV on your home organization and strolling you through how to involve the controller for voice enactment.


What compels this TV to stand apart is the nature of its image handling and conveyance from first the Mini LED zones that make the light, then, at that point, the quantum speck field that switches the blue light over completely to white, through another sort of VA LCD board for TCL that permits a wide survey point, lastly an antireflection covering that helps execution in a lit room.

Dolby Vision IQ likewise plans to improve execution, utilizing a light sensor on the TV to change settings to your encompassing lighting when you observe any Dolby Vision material. You can, notwithstanding, effectively change this to either Dolby Vision Dark or Light, from which you can change different menus, for example, checking any exorbitant movement handling and bringing the default variety temperature back from ‘warm’ to ‘unbiased’ for additional practical outcomes.


Associations are on the right side, with four different HDMI inputs – from HDMI 1 prepared to do all out 48Gbps activity for 4K/144Hz gaming, HDMI 2 set apart as 4K/120Hz, and the other two HDMI 1.4b, great to diversion style 4K/60Hz. The HDMI 4 information likewise offers HDMI eARC sound conveyance to an associated recipient or soundbar. Optical computerized sound out is likewise accessible, and a sound system simple earphone minijack too.

There are two USB-A spaces for document replay or for stockpiling to permit stopping, recording, and timeshifting of live TV, however without clock accounts from an EPG. There’s a radio wire association in addition to Ethernet organizing (or worked in double band Wi-Fi), and a minijack AV input with a splitter link given in the event you need to connect a camcorder or VHS cassette player (hello, a few of us clutch those things).


On the back right-hand side of the TCL 6-Series, you’ll track down an assortment of ports, assembled in a solitary simple to-arrive at board set 5 crawls from the edge of the TV.

There you will find four HDMI ports, a coaxial association for the link or radio wire, a solitary USB port, a 3.5 mm earphone jack, a computerized optical TOSLINK association, and a little AV input association.


While TCL doesn’t say somehow whether these are HDMI 2.1 associations, they in all actuality do guarantee support for the absolute most remarkable elements from the 2.1 spec, similar to Auto-Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

The set has an ethernet jack for wired web association, as well as inherent 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Likewise on the rear of the set is a little actual power button.

Picture quality

the TCL C835, whether streaming 4K HDR from its own Google applications or playing through HDMI from an AppleTV 4K or UHD Blu-beam player.

The best outcomes helped us to remember the test reels that TV producers used to show us back when 4K TVs initially showed up: “one day all TVs will look this great”, they said, and presently it’s valid, with Disney Plus nature narratives or glorious robot arrangements from the Apple TV Plus surf series Make or Break followed through on the TCL as stunningly sharp and striking video. During one succession recorded in Newcastle, NSW, we stopped a dose of a games field and came up near the screen. Hundreds, maybe a huge number of individuals, filled the stand, and essentially every face should have been visible independently. Astonishing point of interest.

We tracked down the little requirement for variety change, yet watched out for the movement settings, which permit control of obscure and judder decrease on sizes of 0 to 10. The upper settings of these presented the unreasonably spotless ‘video’ look where you’re seeing more introduced outlines than genuine ones.


However, the least settings, as chosen naturally in ‘Film’ mode, delivered prominent judder over lengthy panning shots, or where cinematography was not exactly awesome. A very high 6 or 7 for the two settings was a split the difference across the material, with the Clear LED Motion switch likewise enacted, as this appeared to limit any pale video impact and convey the most reliable variety range.

There were more amazing outcomes when upscaling from standard Blu-beam and even from DVD. TCL has this year executed Deep Learning AI super-goal upscaling, while simple ‘simulated intelligence’ further adjusts settings to explicit situations like grass, faces, and other distinguished content. How much this aides or meddles is difficult to pass judgment, obviously, yet old Star Trek episodes came up nearly as sparkly as their remastered adaptations.


The 55-inch TCL 6-Series has a major, splendid 4K board, with QLED innovation upgrading the splendor and varieties, and a 120 Hz invigorate rate giving smooth activity to any satisfied you need to watch.

Variety quality was rich and dynamic, with life-like variety on a bird’s wings and extraordinary foliage as I watched scenes from Our Planet, Netflix’s 4K nature narrative series. There was some minor banding in scenes where variety advances were particularly unobtrusive, such as radiant blue sky, yet changes in tone left marginally posterized circles of variety as daylight moved between shades of blue and yellow.

The backdrop illumination execution on the TCL 6-Series is excellent, with the set’s numerous discrete diminishing zones working hard of furnishing high difference light and dull with insignificant haloing. It’s flawed, however, nor is any LCD set we’ve checked on. Be that as it may, the radiances aren’t deplorable, and we’re just recognizable in scenes with an exceptionally high difference and little places of light.

  • Excellent image and brightness
  • Generally, the default settings are adequate.
  • Google TV and vocal search
  • The sound is a touch low
  • Some of the most recent applications are not available on Roku

Notwithstanding the TCL 6-Series confronting similar difficulties as other LCD sets, the mix of the QLED board and smaller than usual LED backdrop illumination decreases or disposes of a significant number of the issues we expected to experience. We saw no shadows along the edges or toward the sides of the presentation, and the backdrop illumination consistency across the whole screen looks great.

Seeing points on the set are likewise quite wide, with hands down the merest color of variety moving when seen at a 45-degree point. That makes this a phenomenal TV for a film night or a major event since anybody situated off to the side of the excellent review spot can in any case see all that with full lucidity and precise variety.


The TCL 6-Series is additionally a real pro in the gaming office. While all cutting-edge TVs have a low-inactivity game mode, the TCL 6-Series R635 is quick to get THX Certified Game Mode, which not just strips out the additional video handling that would dial back the reaction time for the player, it likewise meets a lot of different rules for excellent pictures. These severe necessities take a gander at all that from the various quality and invigorate rates to increase time, which takes a gander at how rapidly the TV can deal with dull to-light changes, fundamental for speedy games.

The 6-Series additionally upholds all of the gaming-focused elements of the HDMI 2.1 network, similar to Auto-Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which changes to the game mode when the control center is turned on, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which matches the screen to the casing by-outline yield coming from the TV, synchronizing the two for without judder gaming.


For a set that is portrayed as much by its worth as its components and picture quality, the TCL 6-Series is maybe the most ideal set that anyone could hope to find. The 6-Series has acquired a reputation for premium quality at sensible expenses. Television has an inherent mic that you can use with Google Assistant, yet you likewise have the choice to handicap the mic assuming you’re stressed over protection.

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