Belkin PowerBank Review

Belkin has fabricated a conservative, rough 5,000mAh power bank here. In any case, without current conventions ready, it’s difficult to prescribe to anybody with quick charging cell phones.
Belkin is a very notable brand in the frill space. From USB connector links to control connectors and defensive cases, Belkin apparently sells everything and has gained notoriety for dependable items.

The organization likewise offers a scope of force banks intended to energize an assortment of your devices. One of the more adaptable-looking models is the four-port Belkin Power Bank 5K. However, is this actually the power bank to suit your compact charging needs? How about we jump into Android Authority’s Belkin Power Bank 5K audit.


As the name takes note of, Belkin’s power bank offers a 5,000mAh battery limit. It’s furnished with a USB-C port for both power in and out, alongside two USB-A ports for more established devices. These three are joined by a miniature USB port that can be utilized solely for energizing the power bank.

The pack’s leftover charge is shown by four LEDs situated on the highest point of the power bank. There’s a button as an afterthought to flip the power on and really look at the excess limit. This 5K pack gauges a significant 250g yet gauges a more conservative 130.6 x 99.1 x 43.1mm.

Belkin’s Power Bank 5K is accessible in Black, White, and Rose Gold variety choices. Belkin incorporates an exceptionally short USB-A to USB-C link in the container, empowering you to interface more up-to-date gadgets to one of the power bank’s two USB-A ports.


Planned particularly for iPhone and iPad, this compact power bank is a quick-to-showcase MFi-guaranteed power bank to re-energize through a Lightning connector, permitting you to utilize a similar Lightning link to charge the power bank, as you use to charge your iPhone. This one-link arrangement makes this little, dainty, lightweight power bank (also known as a compact charger) ideal for in a hurry charging and is completely MFi-confirmed to ensure similarity with iPhone and iPad.

power bank design for apple Belkin

While you’re running short and there’s not a single AC outlet to be seen, this 5000 mAh power bank will re-energize your iPhone to convey 35 additional long periods of battery life. So you can continue messaging, watching, calling, utilizing GPS, or perusing without interference. Or then again assuming it’s an iPad help you really want, 5000 mAH will provide your iPad with an additional 9 hours of battery duration.


Power banks are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they provide a quick and easy way to recharge your devices on the go. Belkin has released their own power bank, which is compact and well-built.

Belkin Power Bank 5K
With 4 USB ports, a 5,000mAh, and a great design

However, at $31.99, it’s not the cheapest option on the market. Even so, Belkin is a reputable brand, which reassures that this power pack will last in the long term. Power banks are a great way to keep your devices charged while on the go, and Belkin’s power bank is a great option for those looking for a reliable and well-made product.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Driven lights show charge level
  • 12W Lightning port to rapidly charge the power bank
  • 1 x 12W USB to charge iPhone
  • Utilize a similar link to re-energize your iPhone and the power bank

The Belkin Power Bank 5K is a vigorous-looking power bank. The stout plan and plastic matt covering feel intense and strong. I’m not worried about breaking or breaking the case if I somehow happened to drop it from a brief distance. While the power bank is somewhat thick and weighty, it’s sufficiently short to disguise in your pocket, dissimilar to other 5K power banks that are in many cases very tall.


Belkin’s power bank has the clever capacity to energize by means of either USB-C or miniature USB. While utilizing the USB-C connector is a quicker choice, connecting the miniature USB port opens up the USB-C port to go power through to your cell phone. Other power saves money with a solitary USB-C port that can’t be charged and supply influence simultaneously. It’s a great touch.

The serious issue with the Belkin Power Bank 10K is its finished absence of quick charging support. Going through our test suite, there’s no Quick Charge or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge on the USB-A ports, or even USB Power Delivery accessible from the USB-C port. The USB-An associations support 2.4A charging, yet just iPhones gravitate toward that current. Similarly, Belkin claims the USB-C port backings 5V 3A charging, yet no gadgets I associated would accuse up of those details by the same token.


Those after quick charging ought to look at Belkin’s USB PD power bank line.
For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S20 drew a fairly miserable 9W from the USB-An and USB-C ports. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro dealt with a somewhat better 10.5W from one or the other port. Be that as it may, you’d anticipate that cutting-edge devices should charge quicker than this by means of a USB-C association and maximize the 15W conceivable power draw.

Interfacing up various contraptions without a moment’s delay limps charging speeds further, as the power bank restricts the consolidated power draw from every one of the ports to 15W.

  • Rugged construction
  • Design for Pocket traveling
  • Power is available through USB-C and micro-USB.
  • No support for rapid charging
  • Filling up slowly
  • Multi-charging with low power

Likewise, energizing the power bank over USB-C (15W) versus USB-A (10W) still requires a few hours. Most importantly this charging bank is slow contrasted with some fresher models available. While it’s fine for old contraptions, it certainly isn’t exactly appropriate for charging current telephones, not to mention tablets or PCs.

Belkin batteries incorporate sensors checking intensity, voltage, and hardware so the power bank (a.k.a. versatile charger) won’t overheat and hurt your gadgets. The abundance of heat, voltage vacillation, or circuit irregularities initiates a supersede that closes the battery down quickly for extreme wellbeing.


Belkin is devoted to quality and furnishes a 2-Year Warranty with your power bank. This item is designed and tried to work entirely more than many battery cycles, guaranteeing faultless execution even with weighty use.

The Belkin item guarantee likewise stretches out to safeguard your associated gadgets for added inner harmony. In the event that your gadget is harmed by an electrical charge while appropriately associated with the charger, Belkin will fix or supplant it up to a worth of $2,500.

Tried in-house more than 500 battery cycles. At the point when utilized a normal of 3 times each week, tests show that the item will work as expected for at least 3.2 years

Final Thoughts

However, if you’re looking for a solidly reliable power bank that will give your smartphone a good boost and won’t break the bank, the Belkin Power Bank 5K is an excellent choice.

It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more high-tech models on the market, but it does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. We highly recommend this product to anyone in need of an affordable, dependable power bank. Have you tried out the Belkin Power Bank 5K? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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